Thursday, 12 July 2012

Indian health care system.....wardboys and ambulance drivers performing surgeries.

  New Delhi: In what could be termed as the poor healthcare condition in the backward regions of the country, a sweeper and a ward boy were seen performing surgical procedures on a 10-year-old child in a government hospital of Uttar Pradesh. The shocking incident has come into light in Babu Banarsi Das District hospital in one of Uttar Pradesh's most backward regions of Bulandshahr where a sweeper was videographed giving a young child stitches on his leg and a ward boy, on the other hand, was seen administering tetanus shots to another patient.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

India scraps domestic jet engine plan citing lack of technical know how.

NEW DELHI — India has abandoned its efforts to build its own engine to power the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Mark-2, according to Indian Defence Ministry sources.
The Kaveri engine, which Indian defense scientists are trying to build, has failed to meet Indian Air Force requirements two decades after the project began, the MoD sources said.|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

World Record...500th indian mig-21 crashes.

The IAF has the worst crash record on the planet. This is a world record. No other Air force has had the ignominious honor of so many crashes on non-battle conditions. The Indian press refers to the Mig 21 as the Flying Coffin, but they are all flying coffins or crematiion discs for the IAF pilots. There  have been more crashes of this aircraft than the entire airforces of more than half the world. The crash of the 500th plane serves as a milestone as the highest number of crashes of any airforce in the world in the history of mankind. The bulk of the Indian Airforce is made up of all this flying junk that succumbs to gravity more then the bellies in the Indian Lok Sabha.

 NEW DELHI, Sept 1 APP: India Air Force lost another MiG-29when it crashed in the Arabian Sea off Jamnagar coast during a training mission on Monday. It was the fifth MiG- 29 which went down since June 2006 and the sixth air crash during this year. In today’s incident, pilot was safely ejected. Earlier, a MiG-27, two MiG-21s, a Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer and a Kiran crashed this year while a pilot was killed in one of the crashes, a spokesman said. The Mig -29, an all-weather air superiority aircraft was on a one-on-one training sortie when the pilot lost control of the MiG-29 which crashed in the sea about 50 km off Jamnagar. The MiG-29 belonged to the 28 Squadron of the Indian Air force which took off from Jamnagar base. APP. Indian MiG-29 crashes in Arabian Sea